California Teens Choose Mississippi Over Mexico

Diana Proby has made fast friends with the California crew putting her roof back together.  Contractors are too busy to do the job so Proby looked elsewhere. "A friend of mine told me about the Methodist Church here in Gautier and I called and they put my name on the list and they got to me Monday and the group from California came out and they've been workin' on it since Monday."

The teens and their adult sponsors come from a Methodist Church in California. Pastor Stephanie Toon says, "This is their spring break week. Isn't that amazing, a bunch of high school kids giving up their spring break in sunny cool Southern California for humidity and bugs in Mississippi to put on a roof."

The students usually spend their spring break in Mexico.  But they knew the need is just as great here  Student Abby Koff says, "I know we're helpin' people but it's kinda nice to help our own country and I feel like, the United States is a big place and it feels nice to feel like we're givin' back to our own."  Katie Marshall says, "These people had things and they have nothing now and now we're helping them and making a difference in our own country."   David Rock says, "I'm getting the benefit of being able to help some people that really need some help and I get to impact their lives in a huge way and it feels really good to be able to give back."

Proby is grateful too. "It says a lot, it means a lot to me for them to be up there for an entire week sweating and it means everything to me."  The students say her appreciation makes them appreciate even more what they have back home in California.