How About A Southern Miss - Mississippi State Clash On December 1st?

Both Mississippi State and Southern Miss want to play an 11-game schedule. As it stands right now Brigham Young must move their Hawaii game set for December 1st to play Mississippi State after the game was postponed last week.

Southern Miss is trying to work out a date to meet Alabama on December 7th or 8th after that game was postponed last week. Both the Golden Eagles and Bulldogs wait as the Tide and Cougars try to decide on whether they will reschedule the games.

Here's a solution: If Mississippi State is unable to play BYU and Southern Miss is unable to play Alabama, how about a Bulldogs-Golden Eagles clash on December 1st at Jackson's Mississippi Memorial Stadium? That game would generate plenty of interest around the state, pack the stadium in Jackson and give both Mississippi State and Southern Miss an 11 game schedule.