Lawmakers And Students Discuss Tuesday's Terrorist Attacks

Representative Jamie Creel of Biloxi asked Biloxi High seniors, what is going on in our nation today? One student summed it up, by answering "tragedy."

A week later, the tragedy that struck America is still vivid in the minds of state leaders. Senator Billy Hewes of Gulfport says he did not think his 2 year old was paying attention to the events. But, Tuesday morning, when he got up and watched the news, his son pointed to the t.v. and said "daddy, they're talking about that tower that fell down". Now, that strikes home.

Representative Michael Janus of Biloxi says he was telling his wife that there were 5,000 people who have lost their lives. Most of them were mothers and fathers and they were wage earners. Janus says there are a lot of orphans now, and we need to remember them.

As each lawmaker addressed the crowd of 300 Biloxi High seniors, they reminded the students that they have a duty to their country. Billy Hewes says it's possible that anyone of the students in the room could be called to service, and that's a good thing, not a bad thing. Hewes say if they are called, be patriots and do what is required of them, because this is about our world, our country.

It's a call several students say they're ready to answer. Keith Polovich says if he is needed, he would serve his country. Apryle Williams says if we come together, and show pride in our country, and most of all in our faiths, then our world would come together as a whole.

The state lawmakers say that unity begins at home. Michael Janus told the students to go home and hug their families. He asked them to be good citizens and participate in the legislative process.

Senator Hewes also told the students there are people who don't like Americans and what we represent, but people do look at our economy and our leadership, so it's important to set an example for the rest of the world.

By: Trang Pham-Bui