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Special Flag Flies Over Saucier Elementary

After students at Saucier Elementary School sang "God Bless America," Supervisor Connie Rocko told them she is truly blessed to be home after what she saw last week. Rockco was in Washington during the terrorist attack and was forced to evacuate her hotel. "This day commemorates a day, an anniversary of one week when some horrible people, horrible, misguided people took the lives of innocent Americans," Rockco says.

 Rockco says those Americans lived with the same freedoms our flag symbolizes. She presented principal Yevon Ball a flag that flew on the U.S. Capitol in July of last year, reminding the students of their freedoms. "And freedom is so important because without freedom we may not be able to be here and talk with you today. So remember how important freedom is and how this flag symbolizes that freedom for each and every one of you," says Rockco.

 After the flag presentation, the the Gulfport Fire Department Honor Guard raised the banner to a half staff position in front of the school and the students recited the pledge of allegiance.  Students say they're happy to get such a special flag. "I think it's cool that it didn't get destroyed and they brought it to this school outta so many and that it's flying over our school and not some other," says Rebekah Hott. And Devan Peterson says, "It means a lot that we got to have the flag as a small community." The color guard members say this ceremony is one more chance to show their patriotism and support for their fellow firefighters in New York and Washington. [cue 15:07..:8] Wayne Morris/Gulfport Fire Department: We're gonna do what we gotta do and if we can't be there to actually help dig through the rubble and put their lives back together, we're gonna hold our lives together here. Morris says we're putting everything back together and moving on...despite terrists attempts to bring us down.

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