Modular Home Production Begins In Pascagoula

Piece by piece, the first modular home ever to be built by Hurricane Homes in Pascagoula is coming together.

By days end, these boards will become the studs. These plywood slabs, the walls.

"We build on jigs. Everything is precisely cut, manufactured to fit. It's not cut one piece at a time," Hurricane Homes Manager Butch Savage says. "We can actually build a wall system, a complete wall system in one hour."

"It's leading edge technology. We're going to change the home building industry," Company Marketing Director Robert Deliguori says.

Hurricane Homes will be producing up to four homes a day in their Pascagoula warehouse. The only catch is, it will probably be another month before any coast residents will be able to own one.

"We felt like it was paramount to the success of our business to let the consumer see it, feel it, touch it, before we actually say, 'Okay, it's time to enter into a contract,'" Deliguori says.

He says this home and the next two homes will be built on Highway 90 in Pascagoula, so the hundreds of hurricane victims wanting to go modular can tour it before they buy.

Besides, Deliguori says, lots of people waiting for these homes are also waiting for the housing grants from the government to pay for them.

"I personally don't think the money's going to come in until mid-summer," Deliguori said.

"As soon as the money is available and Robert signs their contracts, I will build their home," Savage adds.

Until then, crews will continue working.

Whenever the home buyers are ready for the sale, Hurricane Homes builders say they will be ready to deliver.

"I'm extremely confident that they are going to like what they see," Deliguori says.

Hurricane Homes manager Butch Savage says it takes about a week for the home to be delivered and fully functional.

The company will be at the Pascagoula Planning Commission meeting Wednesday night to get a special use permit to put the modular homes on Highway 90.