Front Beach Residents Hope To Build Back

It's been nearly eight months since Katrina's wind and water destroyed countless homes in South Mississippi. Along Front Beach in Ocean Springs, Katrina's destruction is still evident.

But despite the damage from the storm, many residents say they are dedicated to staying on the beach.

"The view, the big bluff, it is awesome up here," says Ocean Springs resident Craig Brumfield.

Those attributes have kept Brumfield and his four legged friend on Front Beach for seven years.

"All the oaks, the water, it inspires my art it keeps me going," says Brumfield.

But this artist could not possibly paint the picture of destruction Katrina left behind when it ripped through his neighborhood, leaving behind just slabs and debris.

"I was very surprised. All these beautiful houses and brick homes completely gone, just like this one."

His neighbor, Betty Noble, has lived on the beach for the last 42 years.

"I would come home from work and hit the beach from the town. I would just feel so good," says Noble.

Noble says those happy feelings turned to sadness when her home was washed away.

"We had a screen front porch and on that side of the house we had two large bedrooms, two private baths," says Noble.

Although the two neighbors lost nearly everything, they didn't lose their love for Front Beach.

"It is just something about being on the beach and the water and being on the Gulf," says Noble.

"I am a dedicated person to the area," says Brumfield.

And these residents say that special connection with the water and the neighborhood will keep them here permanently.

"Oh heck yeah. I will stay here as long as I have a trailer and am paying lot rent," says Brumfield.

"I always thank God for letting us find this place and we felt that we were blessed to get it," says Noble.