More Couples Tying The Knot After Katrina

The Gautier formal wear shop, "A Formal Affair," could just change its name to "A Wedding Affair."

That's because since October, owner Carl Edwards says the number of people getting married and needing clothing to celebrate has skyrocketed.

"I think this is the most weddings I've ever had," Edwards says.

For Etta Saxton at "The Flower Patch," it's the same scenario.

"We have seen an increase. I'd say at least like a 25-percent increase in smaller weddings and normal size weddings as well," Saxton says.

The marriage boom isn't just a phenomenon in stores. The Jackson County Courthouse has paperwork to back it up.

Since November, the number of marriage licenses in the county have almost doubled. For example, last month 70 couple got married in the county. Pre-Katrina, the average was 30 to 40 a month.

So what's caused South Mississippians to want to dive into marriage just months after a raging storm?

"I think there's been a closeness of couples and they just want to be together," Saxton says.

"I think it is that I appreciate you more now because you've helped me out, you've helped my family out. I think that's the basic. They're really in love with each other," Edwards says.

Business owners like Edwards and Saxton don't mind the wedding boom. Not only is it good for their business, it's also good for their spirits.

"We have seen a lot of sadness and when the bride and groom come in, it puts you in a different mood. It's exciting," Saxton says.