Biloxi Couple Tells State Farm To Keep Insurance Check

December 23rd, 2005 is a day Norma and Charlie McMahon of Biloxi say they will never forget.

On that day, the McMahons could only stand by and watch as their home on Biloxi's Bayview Avenue was bulldozed. Katrina had destroyed the house. It's the place Norma McMahon had lived her entire life.

The McMahon's did get a check from their insurance company. But it's the amount, and what they did with that check that might surprise you.

"We kind of laughed a little bit," Charlie McMahon said. "My wife, she cried."

The check was for $450.69 That's how much State Farm determined the McMahons suffered in wind damage.

Charlie McMahon thought, the company couldn't be serious.

"We had 12 to 15 windows blown slap out," McMahon said. "This happened before the water came in. I know because the same thing happened to some folks on Kensington Drive, just a half mile down the road."

The McMahons contend that with windows and doors blown out before the water came in, the home suffered substantial damage that was wind related. Charlie thinks the check should be for $60,000.00 and not $450.

The McMahons sent the check back to State Farm and those the company to keep it. In the letter they included, they said what State Farm had done was unimaginable and an insult.

The McMahons say they won't rest until they get what is due them.

So, what happens now? The McMahons plan on going to mediation. If that does not work, they will join a class action lawsuit against the insurance companies.