Local Church Says Thanks To Volunteers

A service of appreciation was held Sunday afternoon at Little Rock Baptist Church.

The honoree- World Hope International, represented by site director Robert Kammeraad.

Volunteers of the organization have helped to restore homes and lives in Gulfport for seven months, and the numbers prove it.

"Number of volunteers- 2,556. Distribution and people served -7,200," said church member Claudette Woulard.

And these numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Church members even highlighted the number of times the volunteers simply stopped to pray with residents.

They counted nearly 4000 times residents had spiritual encounters with these so-called "angels from Michigan".

"Those numbers are unbelievable. You know 72-hundred people served and all the roofs, trees, and all the things that didn't make the list, the plumbing work and just everything that you had to have dealt with, insulation and all the most uncomfortable work that had to be done in recovering after this thing, you guys rolled up your sleeves and jumped in chin deep and did it," said Gulfport mayor Brent Warr.

But Robert Kammeraad says they were simply doing the work they were called to do.

"It's so great to have people come down and serve other folks and watch a community change and grow and watch the people that have come down go back, and one pastor, I'll give you a quote, one pastor calls me and says 'Bob, I don't what happened in Mississippi but I don't recognize any of the people when they come back.' They're so different. Touched. Lives are changed," said Kammeraad.

So, lives were changed for the better not only on the receiving end but on the end of the givers as well.

And Kammeraad says this type of change is what the world needs now, especially in times of need.

Kammeraad and World Hope International organization will leave South Mississippi on April 15.