Firefighters Contain Four Fires In Harrison County

In Harrison County, two fires are completely extinguished two others are contained, but still smoldering.

Fire Marshal George Mixon says crews battled four fires in the county Sunday alone.

Mixon says, right now, minor fires at Jones Road just off Menge Avenue and another at County Farm Road North of I-10 no longer pose a threat.

Two others at Bells Ferry Road and Big Creek Road, according to Mixon, are contained and crews continue to monitor the area.

Firefighters are blaming high winds for helping fan the flames, adding right now there doesn't appear to be any danger to residents or structures.

Officials are growing weary of the all too familiar scenes of flames and smoke.

Firefighters are trying to contain four large woods fires in Harrison County. Including one that sparked up again near I-10 and Menge Avenue. Officials are blaming high winds for helping fan the flames.

Firefighters are growing weary of the all too familiar scenes of flames and smoke.

"It just managed to jump the interstate, four lanes of I-10 plus the median. It spread over here, jumped the rail road tracks, jumped the river," said Harrison County Fire Marshall George Mixon.

The fire ended up on Bells Ferry Road, approximately five miles from Saturday's blazing scene.

Mixon says an illegal burn is responsible for sparking Saturday's fire that flamed up again on Sunday. He's frustrated that people are not obeying the county burn ban.

"Out of control, controlled burn. Which means that John Q Public was burning trash with disregard of the state law that the burn ban is in effect because they wanted to burn. Then the wind blew the fire and this is what we have," said Mixon.

According to Mixon, this fire has already burned through 200 acres and counting. That's on top of the 500 acres he says was burned on Saturday which jumped the Interstate. Mixon says that makes the fires extremely difficult to contain.

"This 30 foot asphalt road, it would jump it in a heart beat and get on the other side and then we have to play a game of checkers. The fire moves one way and then we have to move another way to counter it," said Mixon.

Davis Allard of the Cuevas Volunteer Fire department battled the first half of this woods fire last night.

"There was zero visibility. The smoke was really bad. Last night I woke up at about midnight and my eyes felt like there was glass in them," said Allard.

With these men and women risking their lives for the sake of others, fire officials say they can't seem to stress the importance of obeying the burn ban.

"You can't burn. It causes things like this. There is peoples homes in danger. There's peoples cars that have already caught fire. There is a lot of things going on and people don't realize that just a little tiny fire will cause a large fire like this," said Allard.

The dangerous combination of dry weather conditions and hurricane debris has helped fuel recent wildfires.

Mixon again wants to remind everyone that burn bans are currently in effect in six South Mississippi Counties.

There should be no outdoor burning in Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, George, Greene and Forrest Counties.