Extreme Grace Makeover Team Remodels A Pascagoula Family's Home

"When I threw all our possessions away. There were moments I would just cry," says Pascagoula resident Tammie Guy.

Those tears of sadness continued for months as Tammie Guy tried desperately to fix her storm ravaged home, but was unsuccessful.

"Basically I was going to have three kids and we were going to be homeless," says Guy.

With hope fading away, Tammie Guy called on the Extreme Grace Makeover Team from Georgia. They stepped in and remodeled their home in five days. Now the results of their labor has left the Guy Family speechless.

"My knees buckled when I got to the door. This does not even look like my home. It was better than before," says Guy.

The new home is fully furnished, complete with a comfortable living room, spacious kitchen and a beautiful master bedroom.

"I can't believe how they remolded this room. This was the most damaged area right here. These two walls were completely shoved in and look at it now," says Guy. "I have beautiful furniture and carpet. This will be sanctuary from the children."

The makeover team put a special hand in the children's decor also. From the mounted planes to feathered lamps, each room shows off their own personality.

"Look at this. It is beautiful, I mean, it is a pink dinosaur, but it is gorgeous," says Guy.

There's also a new backyard playground equipped with a trampoline, a swing set and monkey bars.

With so much given to them, the Guys now plan to join the makeover team to help others feel the same joy they do right now.

If you would like the Extreme Grace Makeover Team to remodel your Katrina damage home, send a letter to:

Extreme Grace Makeover Team
P.O. Box 537
Flowery Branch, GA 30542