Ocean Springs Residents Honor Volunteers With Some Southern Cooking

"Oh the food looks delicious it looks wonderful we do not get this food in the bay area," says volunteer Elizabeth Schwartz.

Good Barbecue and Spicy Crawfish is not what California native Elizabeth Schwartz is used back in her hometown.

"How do we eat these? you eat the tails, well I have to try a crawfish," says Schwartz.

Yet she along with many other volunteers couldn't resist the smell of southern cuisine.

"Good food good eats good Lord lets eat," says a volunteer.

And that they did, filling their plates with baked beans, cole slaw, and other southern favorites all for free as a thank you from the city of Ocean Springs.

"It is really great to not have to worry about what you are going to do for dinner what are you going to do for lunch," says volunteer.

Many of these volunteers have worked from sun up to sun down since Katrina, helping residents rebuild their homes

So organizers say it was time for them to kick back, relax, and enjoy the flavor of the coast.

"This very good it is wonderful that the community has reached out to us," says volunteer.

An idea echoed by relief worker Lindsay Schwartz.

She says in all here mission trips she has never received so much hospitality.

"It is so great because they could be spending this money other places, and to have them spend it on the volunteers is a awesome thing," says volunteer Schwartz.

And that southern hospitality and good food is what these workers say they will remember forever.

"My first Crawfish I think, and trying to shell shrimp and I can't wait to sample more barbecue," says Schwartz.

"Thank you Ocean Springs I love being here," says volunteer Peter Starkweather.