New York Port Authority Officers Help Hancock County

In 2001, the New York Port Authority needed help coping with the aftermath of 9/11, and law enforcement responded. Friday, it was New York's turn to lend a helping hand.

Two Port Authority officers flew to Hancock County. They took a helicopter ride over the area's hurricane debris, and then they made a special check presentation. The New York Port Authority donated more than $122,000 to Hancock County's first responders.

"We did this because we didn't forget what happened when law enforcement responded to my organization in 9/11," Gus Danese with the New York Port Authority said. "They were there in my time of need, and now it's my turn to step up to the plate."

More than 1,200 New York Port Authority officers contributed part of their paychecks to help out their friends in Hancock County.