Virginia Church Group Adopts Coast Family

A visiting pastor calls it a "resurrection story." Diane Henley, who lost everything in the hurricane, can't believe it's happening.

It's a recovery story that links Bay St. Louis, McHenry and Bristol, Virginia

Virginia volunteers are building a new house in McHenry.

"A gift from God is what it is," exclaimed Diane Henley.

God's construction crew comes from Central Presbyterian in Bristol . The hurricane destroyed Diane Henley's home in Bay St. Louis, so the church is building a new one on an acre of land in Stone County.

"I didn't realize there was people in the world like this that would give up everything and come and do this," says Henley, who's helping raise two grandchildren.

"We decided we'd adopt her and build her a house," said team leader, Pastor David Wadsworth.

The preacher temporarily traded his pulpit for a paint roller. He sees similarities between the upcoming Easter celebration and the new construction.

"Sort of a resurrection story. Life beyond the destruction and devastation. I don't think God has the last word for us as destruction, I think it's life and hope, so that's what we're here for," said the pastor.

Fred Osborne is one of the construction worker volunteers.

"Oh, I feel great. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a week's vacation," he said, between swings of the hammer to secure the siding.

The vacation may not be as relaxing as a week in Cancun, but the workers would argue it's far more fulfilling.

"To know she's going to have a nice home here. And God blessed me with a beautiful home. So, surely I can help her," said volunteer Bill Lamie.

The church group from Bristol isn't just building Diane Henley a brand new house. They've also got everything to make it a home. They brought a delivery truck filled with mattresses, furniture, flooring and ceiling fans.

After a week's worth of 13 hour days, volunteers will soon finish something which means so much to the owner.

"The world. There's no words to put what it means," said Diane Henley, while hugging her young grand son.

Volunteers will dedicate the new home Friday evening, less than a week after they began building it.

As we mentioned, Diane Henley is helping raise two grandchildren. She lived in Bay St. Louis for 35 years, but decided to relocate near family in Stone County. Her brother gave her the acre of land where the church group is building her new house.