After World Trade Collapse, Building Inspectors See The importance Of Their Jobs

Building Inspectors meeting in Bay St. Louis for a four day conference say the terrorist attacks on the United States show just how important building codes and structural designs are.

Inspectors from as far away as Arkansas came to town for an International Code inspectors course. It was a chance for building inspectors to perfect their trade and brush up on new code requirements.

The attacks on Tuesday served as a grim reminder of why their jobs are so important.

"That' S a very good example of how important it is to have building to be built by codes and have someone do inspections to make sure they are built properly," Chief Building Official Bill Carrigee said. "I know there was a lot of devastation and damage down there from what happened, but had those building not have been designed properly, it could have been a lot worse. The building could have tumbled over and took out two or three more buildings. The buildings did what it was supposed to do. It stood up. It took the beating, and when it did come down, it came directly down and didn't kill a lot more people than it did."

The training course was sponsored by the Mississippi Gulf Coast Building Officials Association.