Disabled Jackson County Woman Needs Wheelchair Accessible Home

"I want to be able to get out in the yard with the kids, I want to have a decent house," Desiree Davis says.

She also wants to be able to cook for her children and clean. But since November, Davis hasn't been able to do any of that.

It all started a week after Katrina.

"I went to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, dark, and I slipped," Davis says.

Davis injured her leg in the fall, and eventually the foot had to be amputated. Now Davis gets around in a wheelchair, but the problem is her rental house just won't accommodate a wheelchair.

"I can't maneuver my wheelchair through this house. I can't even get in my own bathroom. The toilet's too low, the wheelchair won't fit."

Her husband built a makeshift ramp outside, but even that is doesn't work right.

"It takes two people to push me up that ramp, not because I'm that big, but because the ramp's tearing apart," Davis explains. "Our landlord won't let us nail into the steps into the house to nail a decent ramp."

Davis wants a prosthetic leg, but medicare won't cover it. So she's looked and looked to find a wheelchair accessible home within her family's small budget. But with housing choices in the area so limited, that too seems almost impossible right now.

"We've never asked for help from anybody. We've always taken in people, we've always fed people, we even helped somebody get a car."

This time, Davis says she's the one in need. Because without a wheelchair ready home, there's not much she can do.

"I feel bad, I'm hurting. I don't know what to do," Davis cries.

If you can help, contact Desire Davis at (228) 641-0031.