Memorial Services Help The Coast To Grieve

Through song, especially a patriotic one, people who attended this memorial service searched for peace, hope, and comfort. However, there is also a lot of anger.

"Men, women and children that were at the wrong place at the wrong time," said Stephen Richer, who was representing Beth Israel Congregation.  "All murdered by cowards who have no respect for life and no respect for God."

The service featured speakers that were Jewish, Baptist, and Catholic. All recognized that the answer to our fears and anger was faith in God.

"And Lord, would you continue to, in this time of national tragedy, to bring people of all faith groups together, that in our common belief in You, we might find strength to face the future," Rev. Chuck Register said.

All offered scripture as proof that God has helped overcome tragedy in the past, and asked His help for the future.

"On the ashes and the devistation of the twin towers, and that perhaps out of that tomb in our country, there will also come life," said Msgr. Andrew Murray.  "Perhaps also a better understanding, each of us of each other."

People who attended agreed that it is time for our country to pull together.

"I think sometimes maybe God lets things happen so that people will come together and you know, work as one," said Sheryal Regenold.

And although, things seem tough, everyone seemed certain that the tragedy will not crush the spirit of our country.

"America will make it, no doubt about it," said Buzzy Lang.  "Come out better than ever."

The city of Lucedale also hosted a memorial and prayer service this morning at Lucedale City Park.