Gulfport Council Votes Against M-DOT's Elevated Highway Proposal

More controversy involving MDOT, but this time it's not the Biloxi Ocean Springs bridge. Instead, it's a proposed elevated highway through part of downtown Gulfport.

MDOT says its the best way to move traffic, but a lot of other folks claim it is a terrible idea.

Downtown is in councilwoman Libby Milner Roland's district. In her opinion, the elevated highway idea has to be stopped.

"It will be totally devastating,'' Milner said after Tuesday's city council meeting.

The city council members agreed. They unanimously passed a resolution opposing MDOT's plan. It remains to be seen, if MDOT is listening.

Southern District Commissioner Wayne Brown has said in the past, any changes would cause delays.

Downtown Gulfport's John Harrell says he is going to stay "cautiously optimistic" that MDOT commissioners will listen.

There is no officially announced timetable from MDOT for the work.