Some Hickory Hills Residents Are Fed Up With Lack Of City Services

For 17 Years, Frank Lash has lived in the Hickory Hills Subdivision. And while he has taken pride in keeping his community beautiful, he says the City of Gautier has not.

"As far as any improvements to the roads, I have not seen it out here. Any improvements to street lighting, I have not seen it out here. Any improvement to drainage, I have not seen it," says Gauteir resident Frank Lash.

And with the increase of trailer parks in the area and rising crime, residents say Hickory Hills is being forgotten

"The city said when they annexed us things would improve and I have not seen any changes," says Lash.

And that's why dozens of citizens like Lash packed Gautier City Hall Tuesday to voice their concerns.

"The ditches were cleaned out, but there was no prevention of dirt running into the canal. I have pictures. Now when it is low tide, I can not drop a boat in the water," says one Gautier resident.

"Disposal has been nothing but a headache for Hickory Hills. A timely fashion does not exist. If they do not come on Thursday, it may be Saturday or Sunday before they get our garbage," says another Gautier resident.

Mayor Pete Pope says with revenue down after Katrina, the city is trying to handle these problems in a timely manner.

"It is just so much money to work with, and until sales tax and revenue picks up in the city, we are just doing the best we can," says Mayor Pope.

Another issue not sitting well with some residents is the possibility of Habitat for Humanity homes built in Hickory Hills. Some say putting the homes in the area will be a huge downfall.

"The residents that are there now who are paying full mortgage, that are not getting government help will leave the neighborhood, and you will have trailers and habitat homes," says one Gautier Resident..

While Pope chose not to comment on the Habitat proposal, he's asking for the community to be patient.

"Work with us and eventually we will have a city we will be proud of, but it is not going to happen overnight," says Pope.