Volunteer Work Reunites Med School Classmates

The makeshift medical clinic in D'Iberville is a far cry from the operating rooms Doctors Marvin Morgan and Al Meena are used to working in. But the retired surgeons are happy to help out and to see each other again for the first time since their days at Ole Miss Medical School.

"We parted ways and we haven't seen each other in a long time," Dr. Meena says.

Fifty-five years to be exact.

"I'm very pleased to see him again after all this time," says Dr. Morgan.

After they finished their medical training, Morgan worked at the Biloxi VA as a general surgeon. Meena opened a private surgery practice in Jackson. Now they spend retirement volunteering.

Here they see every ailment you can imagine. The doctors are doling out cures for those too as they count out pills and hand out medicine.

Morgan and Meena say retired or not, there are always people who need help.

"This is like a racehorse. A racehorse likes to race. I had been practicing medicine for 40 years before I retired and it's interesting and rewarding and pleasing and I'm pleased to be of help," Dr. Morgan says.

"I think when you see a need you feel like if you can contribute you certainly would like to. I feel like I need to do something that's worthwhile besides play golf all the time," Dr. Meena says.

Taking care of these sick patients is worthwhile and the extra bonus is the unexpected reunion the two former med school classmates shared.