Pascagoula Beach Open, But Waiting On Improvements

"It's alive. We found him over there," one teen says as he picks up a crab.

These high schoolers from Indian are exploring the gulf's fascinating creatures. Although these kids are here helping clean up Pascagoula, it's still their Spring Break.

"We're waiting for our work assignment to start, so we just came down here for some fun in the sun," Stephanie Gray says.

"We found crabs and we're trying to make them switch shells," Katie Dubois says.

This is the first time since the storm Craig Broome and Amber Freeman have stepped foot on Pascagoula's beach with their dog Tubbs.

"You couldn't really get here for so long," Freeman says.

And with beach season here, the change in scenery is a nice break from so many sad sights.

"There's so many damaged homes. But I guess the beach is the one thing that's still left decent," Freeman says.

Jackson County Road Manager Joe O'Neal is also in charge of beach upkeep. He says there still is much cleaning that needs to be done to get the sand sparkly white again, but he says it'll take another two or three months before that happens.

But these kids don't mind.

"Even though it's still a little bit messy, we still like it. It's fun," Dubois says.

Broome doesn't mind either.

"It's actually quiet and calm and the water is real placid. It's pretty, I like it," Broome says.

And just seeing people out enjoying Pascagoula's natural beauty allows residents like Freeman to put aside for a moment her Katrina worries.

"Seeing them on our beach is bringing up our hopes. Because a lot of people from here aren't on the beach," Freeman says.

Road Manager Joe O'Neal says the county will also have to replenish the sand on the beach in Pascagoula.

As far as the pier, Pascagoula's Recreation Department does plan on rebuilding it. No date has been set for that yet.