St. Martin Family Seeks Help For Disabled Son

Like a typical three-year-old, Johnathan Henson is full of energy and curiosity.

"Johnathan, get out of there," Candy Everett sternly told her son as he played with a pail of water.

Only one thing can slow down the sweet, blue-eyed, little boy. Johnathan was born with Spina Bifida, a medical condition that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

"It hurts when I can see my daughter, and there's nothing wrong with her, and him wanting to get outside and play," Everett said. "He can't understand why he can't get out there like the rest of them."

Everett paused and wiped tears from her eyes.

"I guess we're just so used to walking, that we take it for granted."

Johnathan has already had five operations and faces more surgeries ahead.

"Come on mom," Johnathan said as he pushed himself onto the wheelchair.

Every time Everett takes Johnathan to doctors in New Orleans and Mobile, and to school and physical therapy sessions, she has to take Johnathan's wheelchair completely apart so it can fit in the car.

"It's hard to find any room to get it up in here," Everett said as she pushed the chair into the trunk.

It's even harder for Everett, because she's suffering from back and hip injuries. She knows she can't lift her 40 pound son much longer.

"He's just going to get bigger and heavier," said Everett. "I want to be able to take care of him as long as I can, because I know he's going to need it as he grows."

Everett hopes someone can help the family by donating a wheelchair-accessible van with a lift.

"I know the good Lord gave him to me in order for me to take care of him. We appreciate anything that anybody can do for us."

If you have a van with a lift that you can donate, please call the United Methodist Committee on Relief at (228) 234-2245. The organization has also opened an account at Regions Bank, in case it needs to buy a van.