Prayer Service Held On Capitol Steps

The bright Mississippi sun warmed the skin, but it didn't dry the tears of those who gathered at the Capitol for a prayer service.

Religious leaders of many different faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds offered comfort to an equally diverse crowd.

"The images of this week have taken us across a range of emotions," Gov. Musgrove said.

But some common emotions are compassion for all Americans, and pride to be one.

"I just feel like this is an opportunity for us to show our support," Jackson resident Pepper Carter said. "It's really the only thing that we know we can do right now. It's a time of unity and a time of prayer."

"This is what it's all about, a day for prayer and remembrance and to pray for the country as a whole," Ron Caulfield said.

"This will not get us down," Better McCree said. "We will come out of this with flying colors. And these are our colors."

By Iris Keogh