Two Pascagoula Homes Get "Extreme Grace Makeovers"

The Georgia church that gave a makeover to a Pascagoula home back in December is at it again. The Grace Baptist Church from Gainesville, Georgia is performing an "Extreme Grace Makeover" on two more hurricane damaged homes. This time eight other churches are pitching in to finish the homes by Saturday.

On Monday, dozens of church volunteers swarmed around the Guy Family's Pascagoula home. They're trimming trees, taking out windows, and whatever else Ricky Gunter tells them to do.

Pastor Gunter oversaw an earlier home makeover in December.

"It's going to be better, it's going to be a lot better," Gunter said. "Katrina's going to be a stepping stone to a better life for these families."

The group plans to turn the once flooded Catalina Court house into a dream home. While the family does have some say in the home's fresh new look, the makeover crew makes the ultimate call.

"She has picked out some colors, countertop colors and things, so she's had her hand. But we also picked their brain and a lot of stuff they don't know about we're going to do for them," Gunter said. "We just can't wait and see the families when they get back, the reaction."

But helping families put Katrina in the past isn't just a short-term project for Gunter. After making 11 trips to Pascagoula, he's realized this is his calling in life.

"I've resigned my position as Associate Pastor. I'm just going networking and speaking to churches across the southeast, sounding the trumpet that there's still a great need down here and thousands of homes and families are in wait for help down here."

Although it's a lot of work, Gunter believes it's all part of mending homes and hearts across South Mississippi.

The second home the group is working on is on Convent Street in Pascagoula. Gunter says "Extreme Grace Makeover" will take on another house in July. He hopes to expand the project to help hundreds of homeowners over the next few years.