Coliseum Won't Be Ready For Hockey; League Cancels Sea Wolves Season

The ECHL has canceled the Mississippi Sea Wolves 2006-2007 hockey season. Coast Coliseum director Bill Holmes said Monday there's no way that the Coliseum would be ready for the upcoming hockey season in October.

Holmes says there are too many holes in the building, including questions surrounding the chillers, that would prevent the ice from staying solid. Since Holmes couldn't give an okay, the league was forced to cancel a second consecutive hockey season on the Mississippi Coast.

"When you don't have the ability to control that environment than you have soft ice, maybe no ice. We don't know if the ice floor has been damaged," Holmes said.

"Do we give up? Do we move? Do we sell? The answer is 'No.' What we do is we all stay together and play in 2007 and make it bigger and better," Sea Wolves owner Mike Rogers said.

"You feel like you've missed out on another opportunity. But the neat thing is the ownership has said it will come back in 2007 and 08. So knowing that's there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow gives it an easier way to swallow the pill today," Sea Wolves Head Coach Steffon Walby said.

Sea Wolves owner Mike Rogers has planned a few functions for the fans and a number of other projects to keep the Sea Wolves before the public's eye during the second canceled hockey season. We'll have more on that at later date.