Broadcast Pioneer Jo Love Little Dies At 69

A special lady that was instrumental in helping make WLOX-TV what it is today, died this weekend. Jo Love Little passed away Saturday at her home in Jackson after a bout with cancer. She was 69.

Jo, her brother Jimmy Love, and sister Mary Eliza owned WLOX-TV until it was sold to the Liberty Corporation some ten years ago. She was very active in the coast community her entire life.

Jo Love Little was on the board of directors for the Walter Anderson Museum. She was also one of the founders of Center Stage in Biloxi. Jo loved the arts, and the people of south Mississippi.

A few years ago, as part of WLOX-TV's 40th anniversary special, she talked about "the old days" here at WLOX.

"I have to give credit to the management team that worked together and the owners backed them up. We said, 'We are going to make this the first rate station that it is capable of being. We will compete with Mobile and New Orleans, not just accept that and take a back seat.' So, I think that was a turning point when we had a commitment by everyone. And I think that if you look around, so many people have been here a long time and they would not have stayed if they did not like it. And they would not have kept their job, if they had not been doing a good job. So I am very proud to have been a part of the operation - the radio days, until new ownership took over - and I am proud because the community has let us know we did the right thing."

Jo Love Little will be buried in Jackson on Tuesday.