Three Areas Of Beach Could Reopen Soon

For a Russian immigrant who speaks english as a second language missing or misunderstanding this sign is understandable.

When asked, "Did you know that this beach is officially closed, that nobody is supposed to be on here," Elvina Zemlyak who now lives in Atlanta Georgia replied, "No. We didn't know that."

But even life long Americans are having trouble interpreting its meaning.

"The beach is closed. "Are you serious," says a shocked Lloyd Roberts of Slidell Louisiana. "Why."

"I see the signs," says Dave Boyd of Roanoak Virginia. "I wonder what that means. I figure that's for swimming so, you know, I'm going to sneak out here anyway."

Still others simply ignore the warning.

"We see closed signs but we don't care most of the time," says Nicole Stander of Slidell.

It's become problem for county officials and local law enforcement, as South Mississippi's 26 miles of beaches return to their pre Katrina pristine state.

"It looks so good," says Harrison County Sand Beach Department Director Bobby Weaver. "It's so tempting people want to come out."

Weaver says damaged parking bays and sections of boardwalk are just some of the dangerous obstacles still out there.

The unknown obstacles beneath the waves are the other.

"There's storm debris out there. But you know it's one of those things. It's going to be difficult to keep them out," says Weaver.

But Weaver is about to present county supervisors with possible prescription for peoples beach fever.

"We've identified three locations. One right here in Biloxi is Rodenburg Avenue. From Rodenberg to I'berville. The parking area at Preservation Oaks. The beach area adjacent to that would be the second location. Then the third location is over in Long Beach between the intersection of Runnels and Troutman."

Weaver says if Supervisor approve those three open beach sites, they could be open within a week. But he says the water will remain off limits there also until further notice.