Volunteers Help Waveland Family Honor Loved Ones Lost In Katrina

After losing loved ones to hurricane Katrina, members of the Bane family felt it was necessary to have a memorial for their deceased relatives.

Sunday that thought came to fruition with the help of the "Wayland/Waveland" connection.

For the volunteers from Wayland Massachusetts, it was their second trip to Waveland. The plan for the weekend was to clean up the ball fields and park on Central Avenue. But when they learned of one family's personal tragedy, that mission took on a greater significance.

"The relatives of that family wanted to put up a memorial. We were going to be planting this ball field as part of our weekend's project and it seemed like a natural fit," said Cindy Lombardo, a volunteer from Wayland.

"This park has a lot of memory for us as kids coming here," said Rachel Rimmer, sister of Christina Bane.

As Rachel Rimmer swings with her five-month-old daughter, she remembers that painful day she found out about the death of her sister Christina and her family.

We were watching CNN. They did an interview in front of my sister's and then they showed the inside of the house and they said a lady, her husband and two children died in this house. That's how we found out," said Rimmer.

Now, months later, a memorial garden has been planted to help the family heal, and honor the memory of their loved ones.

Rose Shaffer, mother of Edgar Bane is delighted the memory of Edgar, Christina, and their two sons Edgar Jr. and Carl will live on in the minds and hearts of the Waveland community.

"Oh I am so happy that they are going to have something, because they loved this park. We used to come over here, they would swing and slide. And then Carl, when that train comes, he would run to that fence right over there. He loved his trains," said Shaffer.

The Wayland volunteers say they plan to continue to prove their love for their adopted sister community of Waveland.

"We are here for the long haul," said Lombardo.

Wayland, Massachusetts officially adopted the city of Waveland in October.