Saucier Resident Calling for Signal at Busy Intersection

There's been a lot more traffic at many South Mississippi intersections since Katrina, and a Saucier man says putting up a traffic light at a major intersection in his town won't just help the flow of traffic--it will also save lives.

The intersection of Highway 67 and Highway 49 is the busiest intersection in Saucier.

According to lifelong resident Andrew Williams, it's also the most deadly.

"This intersection in the past three years, it has had, I would guess at least 20 fatalities. It's had more wrecks than that," Williams said.

Just a week ago, a woman lost her life in a wreck at the intersection.

Williams says he's known a number of people who have lost their lives in that very same spot.

"A lot of my friends would still be alive today if the red light had been put there in the early nineties," Williams said. "If you don't believe it's life and death, you should have seen the wreck the other day when they had to pull the lady out of the car, and this is not just one case, it's been many cases throughout the year, and it's getting more commonplace as the population grows."

Williams believes a red light would also provide an extra safeguard for the school buses that frequent the intersection.

"It would help people know exactly when they could go, and when they couldn't go, and they wouldn't have to be watching traffic, making mistakes and dying," Williams said.

Williams says he and fellow residents have been rallying for a red light at the intersection for nearly two decades.

He hopes this time, their pleas will be heard.

MDOT Commissioner Wayne Brown says he has no knowledge of plans to install a red light at the intersection.

Brown says work is being done on a new Highway 67 and that the highway's new design should eliminate the need of a traffic signal at the intersection because there will be an interchange that will allow the traffic to merge much like on an interstate.

Brown says the new highway 67 should be open within the next year.