Art Auction To Help Make Dreams Come True

If you can't already tell, 17-year-old Amber Peterson loves art. Whether its a painting or a piece of pottery, she has a passion for paying attention to the details.

"I think each artist has their own way of painting, and it really brings out an artist's personality whenever they paint. It's like a piece of them is, you know, in the painting," said Peterson.

And part of her personality will be auctioned off Sunday evening at the Gifted Hands Make-A-Wish Charity Art Auction.

Not only will this event help grant a child's wish, but it will help this St. John student's senior project.

The project is designed to show the knowledge and skill that has been acquired over twelve years of education.

Amber took it a step further by combining her talent with trying to help a 9-year-old child named Ashley achieve her own artistic goals.

"I've always been a natural artist. I've always had a passion for art. And I've never actually worked with a charity before, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity, being that Ashley is also a natural artist, and her wish is to have an art studio," said Peterson.

And Ashley's dream may just come true on Sunday.

Amber has been able to round up a number of local artists who are also willing to help make a difference.

Over 70 pieces will be auctioned off, including pottery, photography and even porcelain dolls.

And after Sunday's event, Amber says although she is not sure what the future holds for her, she is sure of one thing.

"After working with a charity, I plan to work with many charities now in the future," said Peterson.

The "Gifted Hands" Make-A-Wish Charity Art Auction will be held Sunday night at Steve's Marina on the Green at Windance from 6 to 10 p.m.

Admission is 10-dollars.

There will be live music and good food- all to help little Ashley Prescott fulfill her dream of being an artist.