State Capitol Under Heightened Security

Since Tuesday's attacks, Gov. Ronnie Musgrove has ordered heightened security at all state buildings until he gives further notice.

"We will work with the FBI and all of our federal counterparts," Gov. Musgrove said. "We will follow their directive and their lead but certainly a reasonable time to make sure our people are safe."

Officers at the Capitol say they have doubled their normal security measures. The state police is also helping by patrolling the Capitol parking lot.

"We have secured our buildings as far as the Capitol, the Woolfolk Building and all the buildings in our complex by having officers at all the exits and entrances of our buildings," Willie Richardson, the director of Capitol services, said.

As part of heightened security measures, all doors around the Capitol except for the two main entrances on the north and south sides have been locked until further notice.

"We have two ways in and out so we can monitor the traffic as well as deliveries," Lt. Johnnnie Stewart with Capitol Security said. "Different people coming in and out with different kinds of deliveries are also monitored. We're checking those people and finding out what their purpose is for being in the Capitol."

"Certainly we're still being cautious. But at the same time, we're encouraging people to go about their daily lives as they normally would do," Gov. Musgrove said.

And now, seeing more officers will become a normal sight.

By Iris Keogh