Former NFL Players, Soap Star and Biloxi's Finest Square off for Charity

A soap star and some former NFL football players traveled to Biloxi Saturday to shine the spotlight on our military men and women and provide relief for some hurricane-weary residents.

The all-star team took on a team of local first responders and airmen in an exhibition football game at Biloxi High School.

The game uplifted spirits and raised money for a good cause.

As both teams geared up for the competition, Biloxi police officer John Doucet admitted he wasn't as skilled as the former NFL players in-the-field.

"I'm better on patrol than I am on the field," he said.

The odds weren't in team Biloxi's favor, but that didn't stop the pre-game smack.

"They gotta bring it, 6 feet and up, they gotta bring it," said Leviticus Robinson, an airman from Keesler.

And that's just what the former NFL pros did, but this game wasn't just about bragging rights. There was also an important message.

"I don't have any ties in Mississippi, but this is part of my life, to reach out and touch other folks who have had some devestation in their lives, and just tell them to hang in there, and work extremely hard, and believe, and have the faith and keep the faith," said former NFL player John Booty.

The all-star game seemed to run interference with many people's post-Katrina worries.

"It's about kids in the uniformed services, military, fire and police, and I think sometimes all children need our help, at some times, but these kids in particular, especially with what the folks have been through down here, fire and police departments, rescue people down in this area," said John Castallanos, a soap star on "The Young and the Restless."

In the end, the game proved to be a win-win for everyone.

"It's for the kids," said Biloxi police officer Daisy Watson. "I'm a school resource officer. I teach DARE, I'm also an explorer adviser. That's where it begins, with the kids. Once we help them out, our future is so much more better."

Donations from today's game will benefit the Winner's Circle for Children. It's a non-profit agency that promotes youth literacy and good health to the children of our uniformed men and women.