Hundreds Meet To Revive The Renaissance Of Biloxi

Like the rest of South Mississippi, the city of Biloxi took quite a hit from Hurricane Katrina.

But what looked like destruction days and months after the storm, now looks like an opportunity for a revival.

"In the wake of the storm, the national media looked at me and do you rebuild after this? How can you rebuild after this? Well, like I said then, I don't have all the answers, but I know how we're going to get them. And that's the process we're staring here tonight," said Biloxi mayor A. J. Holloway.

And the process began at Saenger Theatre in "Reviving the Renaissance."

Biloxi residents met with members of the steering committee to ask questions and to offer advice on a variety of topics, including small businesses, which is what attracted small business owner Kearn Cherry.

"Really, I think right now the businesses that have come back I think is kind of like a slow engine going right now. I think we're in that stage where businesses may need some other financial avenues and we need other options other than SBA, FEMA and all those things," said Cherry.

Mississippi Charter Boat Captain Association president Tom Becker had an interest in what the city will do for the seafood industry.

"What is the hold up? We know they have gotten their money. They are going out for bids and that's one of the things we want to hear but we want to know how soon. Summer's coming. The tourists are gonna want to go fishing, they want to go out on the docks. They want to see the city as it is today, But they also want to do something while they're here," said Becker.

And this is the type of dialogue committee members wanted to hear from the public.

"Outside of your family, what's more sacred to you? It's your city, because that's where you and your family and your children and grandchildren are all gonna grow up, and nobody is proud of Biloxi, MS than the people in Biloxi. And that's what's gonna bring this back," said committee chairman retired Lt. Gen. Clark Griffith.

Hundreds of Biloxi residents signed up to be a part of various committees as they work hard to come up with realistic goals to be presented to the mayor in 90 days.