Moss Point Alderman Wants Jackson County To Reconsider Casinos

Jackson County has already rejected legalized gambling once.

"As I recall it was a fairly close margin," says Moss Point Ward 6 Alderman Al Bodden.

But Bodden wants to roll the dice on another vote.

"I, personally, would like to see it available for a vote prior to the next presidential election, which would be something I would certainly push for," says Bodden.

And, Bodden wants to make sure his city is ready if voters have a change of heart.

"There's a lot of things that have to be done first. There's some laws that are going to have to be changed. The Escatawpa River Basin was excluded specifically from gaming."

While there's sure to be opposition to the idea, residents we talked to seemed open to at least considering casinos here.

"All the traffic now is going down to Biloxi," says Anthony Rudolph. "And we could use some of that money that's been going down there around here."

But some say the city will have to do a lot more than change laws and voters minds.

"If you drive around this city you will see areas that are unkepted," says Phillis Matthews. "We don't even have adequate law enforcement."

Any proposed casino would likely be located north of the Jack Hanson Bridge. Bodden says that way, Moss Point would maintain its small town feel while gaining the desperately needed casino jobs and revenue.

"It's hard to find another Chevron," says Bodden. "It's hard to find another International Paper. So we've got to explore some other avenues to bring some additional income and revenue into the city."

For now, talk of a Moss Point casino is just talk, but Bodden believes a casino within plain site of I-10 is a good idea worth cashing in on, and he says, worth another vote.