Giant Tree Stump In Downtown Bay St. Louis To Become Part Of A Katrina Memorial

The hurricane took out many landmarks in Bay St. Louis, but at least one will live on as part of a Katrina Memorial.

Mayor Eddie Favre has made it clear he wants to save a giant, old live oak tree stump. A sign posted on the top warns cleanup crews not to remove the stump, by order of the Mayor.

Until August 29th, the huge stump was on the bluff next to the Jimmy Rutherford Pier in downtown Bay St. Louis. Years ago the tree was cut down and the wood used to build a ship.

Katrina's storm surge uprooted the stump and dumped it about a hundred feet away on the collapsed Beach Boulevard near Hancock Bank.

The mayor doesn't know exactly how the stump will be incorporated into a memorial. But for now, he just doesn't want it destroyed.