Different Faith Groups Serve Side By Side

They come from different religious backgrounds, but share common concerns. Young people from churches and synagogues are demonstrating their faith through a joint mission project in West Gulfport.

A desire to help those in need reaches beyond religious boundaries

They demonstrate their faith in a most practical way. Christian and Jewish volunteers work side by side atop roofs on 41st Avenue.

"Just rip the shingle, it's hot enough," shouted a job foreman.

Brady Carter is a Preysbeterian from Tennessee who uses carpentry skills to demonstrate his Christianity.

"Just wanting to help out people. Come here and kind of humble yourself," he said.

One corner of the roof finds Christians from Tennessee working beside Jewish students from California and New Jersey.

Chaim Kutnicky says there's a common thread among the different faith backgrounds.

"We're here to help. And that's what really needs to be done. And I think it's our faith that brings us together to do this important work," he explained.

There's no heated debate of doctrine here. Proper nail gun technique is the more likely conversation.

Jillian Madison from Bristol, Tennessee had never picked up a nail gun before. But she enjoyed learning and doing.

"I just picked it up and used it. Yeah, it's pretty fun," said Madison.

The arrival of the inter faith mission teams is certainly an encouragement to the residents of 41st Avenue. In fact, one of the home owners told WLOX News she's seen more progress on her street in the past few days, than in the last six months.

"It feels good to come down here and help people," said Brady Carter.

Jillian Madion echoed the feeling.

"All the people that we've helped are so grateful. They'll just be like God bless you and thank you so much for helping us. They're just so thankful, it's great," she says.

It's a thanks that goes to all who give, regardless of faith or background.

The Christian group from Bristol, Tennessee has about 25 students working in Gulfport this week. The Jewish students are with a group called "Hillel." They have about 70 volunteers on the coast this week.