Colorado Youth Group Helps In Katrina Recovery

They continue to amaze us. Thousands of visitors, many of them teens, spending their vacation working for free in South Mississippi. They're still coming from all over the country and willing to do the messiest jobs to help Katrina victims get back on their feet.

A Harrison County woman witnessed that kindness, when dozens of volunteers showed up at her doorstep. Twenty-five teens worked feverishly building a fence, and clearing away the branches and other debris, cluttering a Harrison County home.

"Push it the other way," shouted one teen to another as they carried off a tree.

The volunteers are from Mountain View United Methodist Church in Woodland Park, Colorado. Carolyn Brown is the Youth Minister.

"They're here because these kids have a huge heart for other people, and they want to come down here and do something for somebody else," Brown said.

That person they're helping is 68-year-old June McIntyre. Katrina destroyed her home in Long Beach. Now, she's trying to start over in her new house.

"I'm too old and crippled," said June McIntyre with tears in her eyes. "You wait and you wait and you wait, and these people called up and showed up. It's a God send."

God apparently sent 15-year-old Ryan Hager to South Mississippi, even though he has personal troubles at home in Colorado.

"My mom had cancer. My dad had a seizure recently, and there were people there helping me out throught that," said Ryan Hager. "So it's kind of cool to come and help out people who had their misfortune and kind of return the favor."

June McIntyre is grateful she was chosen to receive that act of kindness.

McIntyre said, "They came a long way and gave up their spring break to come here and help people, and it's wonderful. What I could do to repay them? I don't know. God will take care of them."

The Colorado volunteers are assigned projects by the United Methodist Committee on Relief. They'll be helping out as many homeowners as possible until the end of the week.