Locals Schools To Get Budget Info This Week

By the end of the week, school districts across Mississippi should know how much money they'll get from the state.

The governor passed a $2.2 billion education budget for 2007. That amount includes $18.5 million in General Education Funding and $103 million for the Mississippi Adequate Education Program that will be phased in over four years.

State Education Superintendent Hank Bounds says the money will certainly help districts struggling since Katrina.

"They're going to know, at least for the next several years, what the minimal amount of money will be that they'll receive. So they can budget that in the future. Second, and good point is, that we've received a significant amount of federal dollars. That will help those districts along the Coast and the districts inland that have displaced students recover as well," Bounds said.

Dr. Bounds says there is still a lot of uncertainty because many school districts are facing big losses in their tax base.