More Than 2,000 Reports Of Gas Price Gouging

The State Attorney General's office has received more than 2,000 complaints about gas price gouging since Tuesday's terrorist attack.

Gas prices sky rocketed, in some instances to $3 per gallon. Attorney General Mike Moore said Wednesday afternoon that there is no reason for people to panic about gas supplies, and there is no reason for prices to increase.

Moore added that most of the prices have gone down since his office announced they were going to explore the situation. Investigators haven't made any arrests yet but will continue investigating.

"I can't find a real reason after talking to the retailers and the distributors and wholesalers for this to occur, and I think we need to start taking a look at these big oil companies and see why it is that their profits have just gone out of sight during the last quarter of this year and why the consumer has paid more than they should have for gas," Moore said.

The attorney general said some of Tuesday's price gougers are now refunding their customers. If you have a complaint about price gouging you can call the attorney general's office at 601-359-3680.