A Poem From A Viewer


I sit here and I can't believe
All that has gone on
The senseless acts that people do
Without thinking that it's wrong

So many precious people gone
Who had laughed and smiled and cried
Now our nation cries for them
For the horror in the way they died

What a scary place we live in
When out the door we roam
We have to stop and wonder
Will i be coming home?

Hold the people that you love
Close in your arms so tight
And think of all the families
Who won't be doing that tonight

To the Firemen and the Policemen
Who lost their lives that day
You are heroes to whom we owe a debt
That we cannot repay

And to our country that we love
We will stand proud and tall
You may have made us tremble
But you will never make us fall!

Carol Sharkey
September 12, 2001