Family The First To Rebuild On Lover's Lane

Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Ocean Springs home of John and JoAnna Bosco, but Katrina could not destroy the familys hope for a better tomorrow.

The Boscos are the first family on Lovers Lane to build anew. Katrina washed away everything except their slab. Now, even that's gone, but that's good news.

Just a few days ago, a contractor began the process of building their new home exactly where the old one once stood. The Bosco's can hardly wait to move in.

"It has taken a long time to get to that seven months" JoAnna Bosco told WLOX news.

She added, "Now we are in a new phase, we are no longer thinking about what we lost, we are thinking about the future."

John Bosco says they moved to 300 Lovers Lane ten years ago, and have no intent to ever move from that spot. The Bosco's say it is a great spot to raise their family, and no storm, not even Katrina, can keep them from doing exactly that.