OS YMCA Unveils New Playground

The YMCA in Ocean Springs can now boast the best play equipment and nature trail of any "Y" in the state.

Ten-year-old Jaylen Drummond said, "It's gonna be fun to play on!"

But every ribbon cutting has its ceremonial duties, so they the fun was delayed.

Nine-year-old Alexis Jeffery smiles as she says, "It sure looks amazing."

All of the YMCA kids showed amazing patience when Symetra, the company that paid for the playground, gave the Ocean Springs High School Band $500 for an upcoming trip.

And they waited again, when the generous volunteers who built their playground were thanked. They kept their seats and showed very good manners, but they knew that soon that big red bow had to go.

Alexis Jeffery says, "We're waiting for the playground bow to cut and we're gonna play on it."

When the moment arrived, the kids converged on the beautiful playground in one fell swoop. Once it was broken in, the newly cut nature trail was discovered.

The volunteers who made it all happen couldn't be prouder.

Thomas Galione of FGK Financial says, "We worked 12 hours day till 11 o'clock this morning to complete it. It feels wonderful, I'm blown away, it's so great!"

Not as blown away as YMCA's CEO David Harris.

"When they first started calling and saying, 'What do you need?' We said, 'We'll be okay.' And they said, 'No, you don't understand. We are coming to help.' Because we've never asked for that kind of help before and we've been astounded. It's been the most wonderful people from all over."