Ageless Heroes Honored For Active Lifestyles

As one himself, entertainer Ed McMahon calls these senior citizens "Ageless Heroes" who keep life interesting. The three Coast winners of this year's awards don't know the words retirement or slow down.

"I like to do things that involve others and get them involved. With the Senior Olympics Program especially, get people to join us and have a lot of fun because when you go, you're staying active," says Lucy Bickham.

Teaching flag etiquette to students is Pete Carter's passion. At 85, the always smiling Carter says he's just beginning to live.

"Whenever you stop or slow down you lose your composure, your ability to prosper. In order to stay young, keep active," Carter suggests.

Former Justice Court Judge Mary Foretich is a long time children's advocate. Now she coordinates volunteers who are cleaning up storm damage at the Mississippi City United Methodist Church.

"We were pretty well gutted," Foretich says. "It's a pretty big mess down there right now, but we're going to rebuild and we're going to rebuild right there. And we've had some wonderful, wonderful people coming in from all over the United States helping us."

Foretich says the recovery is hard work, but very rewarding and keeps her busy. Others, this trio says, can do the same.

"You can always find something to do and something worthwhile to do if you just look for it," says Foretich.

"The more you do, the more you become involved. The more you become involved, the more there is to do," says Carter.

Bickham adds, "Get out and find something to do. There's always something to do."

These Ageless Heroes are living proof of that as they make the most of their golden years.

This year's winners range in age from 66 to 96 years young. Blue Cross, Blue Shield will donate $17,000 to charities chosen by the Ageless Heroes honored.