Air Force Cadets Fly Into Biloxi To Help Rebuild

All you had to do was look at his T-shirt to see that Kevin Rivers plays on the Air Force Academy's football team. The cornerback has had plenty of practice hammering opposing receivers. Hammering nails is a much different story.

"I was like, I just want to do what I can to help," said Rivers as he secured a piece of plywood onto the floor of a new bunk house.

Rivers is one of 81 Air Force cadets who flew in from Colorado to spend Spring Break in the middle of Biloxi's hurricane mess.

"I live in Florida, and my family's been through the hurricane ordeal down there," Rivers said. "So I just wanted to do my part and help out up here when I can."

Jessica Soto was so focused on her hammering, she tossed away a bent nail, and it hit somebody standing next to her. She apologized for the bad throw. She had no reason to apologize for her determination.

"I like hard work. I mean, I don't want to go paint. That's sissy work," she laughed. "I like doing hard work, construction work. So it's been fun."

The construction project is helping Habitat for Humanity build three bunk houses and one office in the northwest corner of Yankie Stadium.

Victor Alfsen is Habitat's representative at the football field. It doesn't take him long to teach the cadets how he wants the bunk house built.

"Once they get the idea in their heads, they know what to do," he said.

The Air Force cadets won't get a chance to sleep in the bunk houses they're building. But because of their craftsmanship, and their willingness to give up spring break and help Biloxi recover, future Habitat for Humanity volunteers will have a place to stay.

Andrew Teigeler is one of the Air Force cadets.

"We're in the military to serve," he said. "So here we are, serving already. It's a good thing to do."

The Air Force cadets will be in Biloxi until Sunday. They're not the only volunteers at Yankie Stadium. Americorp has a construction team there. So does a lutheran church from North Carolina.