An Editorial From The Management Of WLOX-TV

Here in South Mississippi, the images of the terrorist attacks on our country have affected each one of us. Our president has declared the attacks an act of war on America. While our country is mourning, let us remember that the terrorists did not achieve their ultimate goal.

They wanted this country to fall apart. That did not happen. They wanted our leaders to buckle under. That did not happen. They wanted anarchy and rioting in the streets. That did not happen. They wanted to divide us. Instead they have bought us together.

Even though the next few days and weeks will continue to be trying, we must remember we all have a responsibility as Americans to help each other. Whether that is giving blood, offering support to our leaders, displaying the American flag or offering prayers and comfort to those who have suffered a loss, you can make a difference.

Americans have always come together in times of tragedy, and this time is no different. Our country will heal, stand tall and strong, and continue to be a beacon of freedom and democracy to the world. God Bless South Mississippi, and God Bless America.

Dave Vincent
Station Manager, News Director