Alleged Cop Killer To Face Grand Jury Action

The man accused of gunning down two Wiggins police officers walked into the courtroom Monday surrounded by law enforcement. Two of the officers escorting him are his cousins.

It was painful for the families of officers Odel Fite and Brandon Breland to see Ronald Husband. They cried as he was led to a seat at the defense table. Husband's family didn't react.

Investigator James Watts testified the two officers answered a 911 call at Frances Arnold's home. Arnold told police Husband hit and tried to rape her. Fite and Breland began struggling with Husband.

"The struggle escalated from trying to subdue the suspect, to where they were fighting for their lives," one investigator said.

Defense attorneys had no questions for their client. They say they're waiting for the evidence to be analyzed.

Attorney Don Medley of Hattiesburg says, "They don't have it all together yet. I don't think the DA even has it. He sent a bunch of stuff up to the crime lab, or at least law enforcement has, and when that's returned to them, they'll turn it over to him and he'll turn it over to me."

Odel Fite's family says they are grateful to finally hear what happened the night the officers died.

"We haven't known much about it. We've just known from rumors and it's not really much, but that helped a lot to know there's a lot of evidence against Ronald," says Fite's daughter, Sharon Pierce.

She says each day without her dad is a struggle and Christmas was especially tough.

"Two days after Thanksgiving. We did get to have Thanksgiving with him, but we wanted so many more. It was just too soon. You can't ever tell when it's God's time to take you, but that's not a way to go."

So now the family cherishes the happy times and memories.

"My daddy was a good man and we all look at him as a hero. He'll always be a hero."

Neither Ronald Husband's family, nor the family of Brandon Breland, spoke after the hearing.

Husband is being held in the Stone County jail with no bond.