Gautier Resident Wants Neighbor's Fema Trailer Off Her Property

"This is my property line right here, and as you can see almost the whole entire trailer is on my property," says Gautier Resident Starr Martin.

For five months Starr Martin says she has pleaded with her neighbors to remove this FEMA trailer out of her yard

"I am a homeowner and tax paying citizen and this is my land, and I should have had the courtesy to be asked," says Martin.

Martin says her neighbors gave FEMA permission to set up a trailer on her property for their family members, but she says they never consulted her about the decision.

"I am very aggravated and disappointed in my neighbors for disrespecting me," says Martin.

Fed up, Martin says she contacted FEMA, wrote letters, and took pictures of the trailer on her lot.. but still no results.

"They never responded to me they never did come out," says Martin.

While Ms. Martin says she wants this trailer moved immediately off her property, her neighbors say they can not do anything about it.

"Would you try to compensate her for any of this? No because I did not put it there. They did not ask me if I wanted to put it there, they just put it there, so whoever put it here the government or whoever would have to compensate here," says Neighbor Sam Clemons

"Fema came and put it here, and we moved in if there she is agitated, I am sorry I did not cause any agitation," says Clemons.

"This is not inconveniencing anybody it not hurting anybody and they are going to get to it when they can," says Clemons.

But Martin says it is an inconvenience at she hopes this problem is resolved soon.

FEMA officials say all applicants trailers should be place on their property only.

They say they will look into this specific case on Monday.