Wildfire Sparks Back Up In Hancock County

Some residents in East Hancock County had another scare Sunday morning as a fire that began Saturday night began to break out again.

But thanks to some quick-thinking volunteer firefighters homes in the area were spared.

"I got up this morning, left to bring my brother to work this morning, and everything looked fine, and came back and the roads were shut down, just smoke everywhere. I saw the flames," said resident Miranda Norris.

On this day, Norris says she's counting her blessings.

Her home was one of many threatened by Saturday's wildfire in Hancock County.

Sunday morning, however, the flames broke out again, threatening more homes, including hers.

"It was extremely close, and in another 10 or 15 minutes, if we wouldn't have started a back burn, there's a good possibility it would have just gone over this road, and this road is about 20 feet wide, and it wouldn't have slowed down," said Scott Bilbo, Chief of the Kiln Volunteer Fire Department.

Norris credits the quick-thinking volunteer firefighters for saving her home and others in the area over the weekend.

Fire officials say Saturday night's fires could have been devastating to hundreds of people.

According to the Forestry Commission, 485 acres in all were burned.

The Fire Chief says the fire began as a small trash fire.

Volunteer firefighter Thomas Bilbo says this is the second biggest wildfire Hancock County has seen in decades.

"I thought we were going to have another one like we had back in the eighties...and everything, where it took, it got into thousands of acres then," Thomas Bilbo said.

In the meantime, firefighters say they'll continue to keep a close eye on the area and are urging residents to obey the burn ban.