Jackson County Daycare Center Builds Back After Katrina

As contractors complete some last minute tasks on the newly rebuild Faithfully Yours Learning Center, owner Sarah Robinson is reminded just how she felt when Katrina washed it all away.

"Just to walk in and see everything you had and work so hard, to try to build up, be destroyed in just a matter of hours was just devastating," says daycare owner Sarah Robinson.

But with a little dedication and hard work plus some from Chevron in Pascagoula, Robinson is now back on her feet.

"I have gained back much more than what I lost in Katrina," says Robinson.

Including a bigger building, brand new books for the children, new furniture, and some other new features.

"This is what we call the outside room the ceiling that is yellow for the sun the blue for the sky and green for the grass all the equipment you see was furnished by Chevron," says Robinson.

And the new look is attracting new business from customers likely Becky Johnson, who has had trouble finding a daycare center for her grandchild.

"That is one reason people did not go back to work, there was no daycares," says Gautier Residents Becky Johnson .

Johnson says some of the places that were available right after the storm were just to expensive.

"Daycares are a 150 dollars a week, and everybody was already in a financial bind, they just could not afford it," says Becky Johnson.

With a brand new facility, both women can now take that next step on the road to recovery.