Stennis Also On Alert, Tours Suspended Until Further Notice

"[They are] checking for anything unusual coming into the center, and so they are looking into the vehicles to see if they can find anything out of the ordinary," David Carstens with Stennis said.

NASA personnel are taking appropriate measures to further secure the center at this time to protect the employees and the National assets located at Stennis. One of those National assets is the Defense Department's most powerful supercomputer. The multi-million dollar computer is the fourth fastest super computer in the world. It's used by the US Navy at Stennis to aid our armed forces around the world.

"The Super Computer Centers is a vital part of our operations just as many other capabilities, hardware systems that we do have, and we're taking measures to protect that as part of an overall security plan," Steve Wilson with Navy Public Affairs said.

Part of that plan is to keep everyone who are not vital to the Space Center out. On a normal day hundreds of tourists would be boarding tour buses here at the Hancock County I-10 Welcome Center to tour NASA's Visitors Center and museum. But because of heightened security at Stennis Tour bus service has been suspended until further notice.

The employees are badge and everyone can be identified and we can't identify the visitors so we have to restrict their access to the Center.

"I think I can speak for everyone at Stennis that we're saddened by what has happened it's tragic. When that happens, it's not something we're accustomed to, and it's not something we expect," Wilson said.